Quality Building Services support to the Property Industry

PLE has staff experienced as Contractors, Consultants, Project Management and Owners Representative allowing our team to develop solutions to all Technical Property and Energy Management related projects.

Building Services Auditing (BSA)

  • Building Services Vendor Technical Due Diligence
  • Building Services Purchaser Technical Due Diligence
  • Survey and preparation of detailed Plant and Equipment Asset Lists
  • Life Cycle Building Services Condition Reports
  • Tenancy Make Goods Audits and negotiations
  • Maintenance Compliance Auditing and Management
  • Essential Services Auditing and Annual Certification
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Environmental Building Services (EBS)

  • Energy Auditing and Management
  • Nabers Energy and Water Assessment (CBD)
  • Commercial Building Disclosure
  • Evaluation and fine tuning modification to building systems to achieve operation and energy consumption
  • Fine tuning and commissioning of air and hydraulic systems
  • Energy Monitoring
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Technical Support Services (TSS)

  • Independent Project Handover and Commissioning Verification
  • Fault finding, assessment and rectification of various Building Services issues
  • Preparation of Planned Maintenance Programs
  • Operations Management and Budget support
  • Systems Engineering and Engineering Management
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Building Services Design (BSD)

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Capital replacement
  • Energy efficiency upgrade
  • Quality or value engineering review of building services specification, technical writing and contract preparation
  • Alternate system evaluation and return on investment
  • Conventional detailed building services design documentation
  • Conventional design and construct brief
  • Assessing third party design documentation
  • Site survey and preparation of as installed drawings
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Engineering Management (EM)

  • Project Handover and Defect Rectification Management
  • Preparation of long term Life Cycle maintenance, repair and capital expenditure budgets
  • Tenancy coordination
  • Operations and Facilities Management support
  • Tenancy leases assistance
  • Preparation of Technical Operations and Maintenance Manuals
  • Preparation Maintenance and Operation Management Manuals and Fitout Guides
  • Facilities Management Agreement and negotiation
  • Preparing Maintenance Programs and Agreements
  • Systems Engineering and Engineering Management
  • Updating as Installed Drawings
  • Preparation of as Installed Manuals
  • Project and Contract Management
  • Clerks of works or clients representative to ensure the project is completed in the owner’s best interest
  • Cost forecasting advice and control
  • Document control
  • Contract negotiation and management
  • Project Management of tenancy and small construction management projects up to $5,000,000

Monitoring and Verification (MV)

  • Monitoring and verification of commissioning and specialist maintenance testing
  • Building Services Purchaser Technical Due Diligence
  • Monitoring and reporting on energy consumption and system performance
  • Annual fire and essential services audit and verification of compliance
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